External Affairs

The Office of External Affairs is made up of the Communications and Marketing Department and Government and Community Engagement Department.

The Marketing Department oversees branding and marketing through publications, campaign planning, graphic design, photography, and writing. The department also manages media inquiries and campus news.

The Government and Community Engagement Department facilitates communications and relationships between the University community, elected officials, government entities and community stakeholders at the local, state and federal levels.

Media Inquiries

Contact staff listed below for help coordinating interviews, gathering information or staying abreast of the latest news at Chicago State University.

Lauren Finch

Senior Director of Integrated Marketing & Communications 

(773) 821-4976



Logo & Trademark Licensing

The right to use and reproduce the images will be at all times subject to and governed by the specific terms of agreement described by the Chicago State University Trademarks and Licensing Program, as well as the following general terms and conditions:

  1. Chicago State University seals, logos and document templates are the exclusive property and copyright of Chicago State University.
  2. User warrants that the use of the seal, logos and document templates are solely for Chicago State University purposes.
  3. Exclusive rights to any seal or logo are not available.
  4. Context of use:
    1. The seal and logos may not be used in a defamatory or pornographic context, or contrary to ethical business practices;
    2. User is responsible for all text used and claims made in connection with the use of any seal or logo.

All manufacturers or retailers wishing to produce or sell items bearing the logo or any other trademark of the University must receive licensure to do so from the University's licensing agency, Collegiate Licensing Company. This includes all uses of the University's symbols on products, including those for promotions and advertising.


CSU News

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Our Team

Erin Steva
Vice President of External Affairs
Phone: (773) 995-5400
Email:  esteva@lcsxhg.com
Lauren Finch
Senior Director of Integrated Marketing & Communication
Phone: (773) 821-4976
Email: lfinch@lcsxhg.com
Seville Spearman
Assistant Director of Partnerships
Phone: (773) 995-4426
Email: sspearma@lcsxhg.com
William Woods
Graphic Design Manager
Phone: (773) 995-2389
Email: wwoods20@lcsxhg.com
Sasha Martin
Marketing Strategy Manager
Phone: (773) 995-4443
Email: smarti55@lcsxhg.com
Stephany Spaulding
Director of Government & Community Affairs
Phone: (773) 821-2845
Email: sspauldi@lcsxhg.com
Precious Blackwell
Web Content Manager
Phone: (773) 995-4464
Email: pblackwe@lcsxhg.com
Yvetter Powe
Director of Corporate & Philanthropic Relationships
Phone: (773) 995-2533
Email: ypowe@lcsxhg.com
Alexander Brown
Publicity & Promotion Associate
Phone: (773) 995-5400
Email: abrowo27@lcsxhg.com